Get Support and Resources to Face your Greatest Challenges

Sometimes life takes its toll and, at least for a time, we might not feel as vibrant or as capable of handling the challenges thrown at us. Therapy is a journey that can help us reconnect to the deepest parts of ourselves. It can guide us to gain meaning and empowerment from our greatest struggles.

Someone to listen.

Sometimes it is nice just to have someone else listen to your story—where you started, the victories, the disappointments, the joys, the things that keep you going—the things that make you you.

Simply talking to someone can help you make sense of the challenges you’ve faced and how you’ve responded. It can also help you develop more understanding and empathy for yourself. That alone can help reduce critical self-talk, anxiety and depression.

But, there is more. In therapy we don't want to just keep talking about the same old problems in the same old ways.

We slow down...
We introduce new perspectives,
a compassionate way of looking at things,
and an awareness of all of the resources we have available to us.

By talking about things in a different way, we can bring the wise and resilient aspects of ourselves to bear—we can bring light to the dark aspects of our lives and find resolution we didn't think possible.

Someone to help you develop more resources to be your best self when faced with challenges.

Trauma in childhood or adulthood can harden you and make you ready to respond to the earliest signs of danger, but might make everyday interactions more challenging. Coping mechanisms—like fighting, arguing, avoiding, shutting down or zoning out with substances—may have been life-saving at the time but can eventually lead to other problems.

We explore your go-to coping strategies and decide if they are still working as well for you as they might have in the past. We can also find other strategies to put in their place, should you decide it is time.

Maybe you've been using alcohol or substances to deal with anxiety, or you've been avoiding contact with yourself or others to avoid feeling big things, or you've been motivating yourself and making things happen with anger and you're wondering if there is another way. Well, there is, but those coping strategies won't go away until there is something even better to put in their place.

No path to healing is the same, but our job is to find your path to greater ease, joy and connection.

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