Trot On! Movement to Create Confidence and Strength 4/11/10


Join us in April for our fifth in a series of Sunday workshops for children ages 9-13. We will focus on the importance of movement and exercise to increase strength and confidence. Horses are strong, powerful creatures that need to move their bodies in order to play, stay safe, maintain strength, balance and stay healthy.

At our warm barn in Erie, with a diverse herd of furry ponies and sleek show horses, participants will:

--Explore different ways to strengthen the body through games, stretching, and yoga on horseback.
--Learn various ways that exercise and stretching help humans and horses mentally and physically.
--Gain knowledge about horse anatomy and gaits or the different ways horses move.

"Movement is medicine for creating change in a person's physical, emotional, and mental states." -Carol Welch

Facilitators: Calyn Acebes, MA, LPC and Mica Graves, MA
Location: Good Reception Ranch, Erie, CO
Date: Sunday, April 11th, 12-4pm

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