Whoa Now! Being a Leader Using Energy and Voice 1/10/10


We will focus in on what it takes to be a leader with horses and people. We'll help your child explore what it means to have a strong sense of self while being part of a larger community; how to set up firm boundaries while maintaining heart-felt connections. Whether working with a 1,000 pound animal, a cherished friend, or a bully at school, these are necessary skills for kids navigating today's world.

At our warm barn in Erie, with a diverse herd of furry ponies and sleek show horses, participants will:

--Explore how we are all unique and discuss how it takes courage to develop our own voice and direction in life.
--Gain tools to respond to the many healthy and unhealthy choices young people face.
--Experience what it feels like to develop an effective boundary with a horse on the ground.
Practice giving clear, precise instructions to the horse while riding.

Facilitators: Calyn Acebes, MA, LPC, founder of Contact with Horses and Mica Graves, MA
Location: Good Reception Ranch, Erie, Colorado
Date: January 10, 2010, 12-4pm

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