November At Home with Horses Workshop


What does it mean to be at home? Well, for me, it means that I feel comfortable in my own skin, my focus is able to move easily inward and outward, and I can really feel into what I need and want in each moment. I can touch into my heart and expand out or I can drop into a deeper contact with myself. I can more easily see the big picture, taking in information from myself and from other sources, too. I can be more aware and conscious of my actions and how they are impacting others. When I am not at home, I am more easily overwhelmed or knocked off center and I find it harder to know what I am really feeling or experiencing. Things seem to just happen to me and I seem to react to them without having much say in what I’m doing.

In everyday life I believe we are constantly moving in and out of states of feeling more at home or in touch with ourselves or less. Horses, for their part, can help us become more relaxed and in-tune with ourselves, our bodies, and our emotions. Many people report feeling more open-hearted and connected simply by being in their presence. On the other hand, their size and unpredictability can also make us uncomfortable.

So, this weekend, we will explore ways to get physically and emotionally closer with horses.

For instance, we will explore the type of boundary you need with each horse and will teach you the skills to ask for the space you need to be fully present. We will also look at ways to be less self-critical and more supportive of your own process as you are gaining new skills. Finally, we get to work with whatever shows up to help you have the most enjoyable and fulfilling weekend possible!

These exercises will help you feel more at home around horses, but they also will help you recognize how you move in and out of different states of being - so that you can practice how to coax your nervous system in the direction of relaxation, openness and connection more often. All levels of experience with horses is accepted. Most activities will be on the ground, but we may ride bareback one time (helmets provided).

Nourishing snacks and lunch will be provided. Please dress for the elements to work inside our indoor arena and outside.

To sign up, please visit:

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