Liz and Duke the reindeer.png

After years of dreaming of her own horse, the right one happened to come along for our instructor Liz. But when our neighbor was looking for a new home for Duke, we wondered if he would be the right match. Duke had spent a few years living with an odd assortment of donkeys, goats, and lamas and was a bit aloof. Also, after a while spent just hanging out in the pasture, he wasn't sure if he wanted to go back to work! Liz showered attention and love on him and set him up with a regular program of training and riding. Soon Duke was loving his new job and showing especial attentiveness and patience toward the youngest of riders. He has also taken on a much appreciated role of peacemaker in our herd. While he can be a bit of a bully in his own stomping grounds (in his pen near his food), in the larger herd, he intervenes to break up fights and ensure peace and calm.

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