Mother-Daughter Day at the Ranch 5/16/10

Ali and Finny

Join us in May for our sixth in a series of Sunday workshops for children ages 9-13. This weekend is the last time we will be meeting for the spring, and, in honor of Mothers' Day, we are inviting mothers and daughters to attend. We will focus on the importance of relationship in human and horse families.

Horses live in herds, much like human families, and rely on clear communication, boundaries, leadership and of course, fun in order to stay safe and connected. At our barn in Erie, with a diverse herd of furry ponies and sleek show horses, participants will:

--Explore relationship with horses
--Learn how horses are like families, with distinct roles and ways of communicating
--Have fun and connect as family

Therapists: Calyn Acebes, MA, LPC and Mica Graves, MA
Location: Good Reception Ranch
Date: May 16, 2010, 12-4pm
Cost: $150/pair

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