Return to Self Summer Groups for Women

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A women's process group with Laura Campbell and Mica Graves where we invite you to return to your authentic, essential self through your love of horses and your connections with them and others.

Many people these days are feeling estranged from themselves, feeling a profound sense of disconnection from what enlivens them and from who they truly are, and because of this, are experiencing a kind of deep loneliness and sorrow.

Most of us “leave” ourselves at one point or another, for shorter or longer periods of time, out of necessity or by choice. Deep down, we all long to return.

We believe that one way of returning to ourselves is by reconnecting with what we love. Many women developed a curiosity and love for horses at an early age, and this interest is something that today can enliven parts of the self that have gone dormant.

These groups will offer:

-Reflection on how to increase awareness of when you have "left yourself" and strategies to return to center
-Activities with horses to help you presence and regulate your energy and emotions
-Increased understanding of how your self-critic disconnects you from your true self
-Somatic exercises to help you find joy in the present moment
-Insight-boosting experiences with our intuitive horse herd
-Opportunities to be seen and met by a group of women ready to dive deeper into their authenticity

Two options:

Wednesday Evening Group - Every other Wednesday starting June 25th from 6-8 pm. Enrollment open through July 9th.
(June 25, July 9, July 23, August 6, August 20, and September 3; make up session offered August 27th or September 10th)
$270; payment in full due by the end of the first group, to ensure your commitment to yourself and other members

Midsummer Workshop - Saturday, July 12th from 2-8 pm and Sunday, July 13th from 9 am-12:30 pm, $225; reduced fee of $195 if paid by June 25th. Snacks and light dinner provided.

Because each therapeutic experience with horses is unique, you are welcome to attend the group and/or the workshop.

Background Information:

What connects you with a sense of your essential self, with parts that you would like to re-member, that is, reintegrate or bring back into the whole?

Maybe it's a sense of being home inside of yourself as you groom a horse, a sense of power as you canter across an open field, or a sense of vulnerability and willingness to be real as you connect authentically with a horse.

Perhaps it's the simple fact that when you are around horses, you feel more like yourself.

If this is true, we hope you will join us for an unforgettable exchange this summer.

More details:

There will be a mix of time spent with the horses and discussion and interactions with other members. When we talk we generally do so with the horses present because we have found that the horses are drawn towards us when we express ourselves authentically. We encourage people to share about their their lives, yet the presence of the horses keeps us oriented to the present. The horses also give us a chance to try things differently. For instance, if we want to be more playful, set stronger boundaries, or express ourselves with more energy, we can try it out with the horses right there in the moment. Finally, for many of us, horses help us tap into parts that may seem distant at times--joy, playfulness, compassion and love for self and others.

Activities include things like observing horses and how they interact with one another, including mothers and foals; noticing which horses we are drawn to; simply being with the horses; grooming and massaging; using our energy to move the horses on line or loose in a pen; and riding bareback. We also will do some light movement work as well as simple mindfulness exercises to bring us more into the present, where we can heal and become more integrated into ourselves.

Facilitators Mica Graves, MA, LPC and Laura Campbell, MA, SEP

More on guest facilitator Laura:

Laura Campbell provides mentoring and support for those who are drawn to remember and embody the truth of their being through lives of integrity and authenticity. Laura is a body-centered transpersonal psychotherapist with training in Somatic Experiencing trauma renegotiation. The mother of 3 sons, she brings the wisdom of 30 years of meditation and mindfulness practice to her work (and play!) with others.

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Groups take place rain or shine at Good Reception Ranch, with our herd of over 60 horses of all ages and indoor and outdoor facilities.

For more information, please email or Laura at Payment can be made by check or through Paypal.

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