Big Horse Therapy and Learning Center's Summer Camps 2015

Please join Liz Polanco as she hosts our seventh season of summer camps at GRR! Liz is a PATH registered therapeutic riding instructor who skillfully teaches kids of all ages and abilities.

We have small, mixed-age groups that allow for a lot of personalized attention and hands on time with the horses. Participants generally ride 7 times per week (5 morning lessons, one bareback ride, and an afternoon horse show on the last day of camp). Campers also learn to catch, groom, and tack up their horses with assistance as needed. We emphasize good communication skills and respectful relationships for all participants - human and equine!

Camps are Monday - Friday from 9 - 4 and are $425. Our half-day camp is Monday - Friday from 9 - 12:30 and is $300.

Please email for more information and registration materials. With small groups of 5 to 10 riders, camps will fill quickly.

Camp Dates for 2015 Season:

Camp 1 – June 1 – 5 - Half-Day Camp (9 am - 12:30 pm M-F) and Horse Whisperer Camp for tweens, teens and adults (1 - 5 pm)
Camp 2 – June 15 – 19 - Leadership / Hunter Jumper Camp (9-4 M-F)
Camp 3 – June 29 – July 3 - "Cari's Camp" - FULL
Camp 4 – July 13 – 17 - Standard Horse Lovers' Camp (9-4 M-F) FULL
Camp 5 – July 27 – 31 - Horse Buddy Leadership Camp (9-4 M-F) JUST ADDED!
Camp 6 – August 10 - 14 - Standard Horse Lovers' Camp (9-4 M-F)

  • Regular camps are for ages 5-12. The Horse Whisperer Camp and Advanced Camp are open to older participants.
  • For those 12 and up with horse experience who would like to mentor younger campers, we will also be offering select spots that involve the opportunity to ride and coach others. Horse leaders must be willing to sidewalk in classes for up to an hour.
  • More details on each camp:

    1. Camp 1 A: June 1 – 5 - Half-Day Camp (9 am - 12:30 pm) for kids 4-8 ($300). This is a great, safe way to introduce young cowboys and girls to the riding life. With assistance, young campers learn to work safely around horses. Each day involves one group riding lesson as well as activities on the ground to learn the basics of horse behavior and care. Each participant is matched with a suitable horse and is able to learn at his or her own speed.

    1. Camp 1 B: June 1 – 5 - Half-Day Camp Horse Whisperer Camp (1 - 5 pm) Experienced "hands" (ages 11 - adult) are welcome to volunteer in the morning and to join us in the afternoon for our Horse Whisperer camp, focusing on leadership, connection, and communication through activities like round penning, groundwork, massage, energy work, and animal communication (there will only be bareback riding or light riding on 2 afternoons). $200 for non-volunteers; $100 for those volunteering in the Half-Day morning camp. We encourage anyone wanting to improve their horse handling skills to join us for this innovative camp.

    2. Camp 2 A: June 15 – 19 – Advanced / Hunter Jumper Camp (9-4 M-F, $425) – This camp is for those who can ride independently at the walk and trot (canter optional). With Liz and extra help from other GRR instructors, campers will learn what it takes to prepare for a horse show. Even those less interested in horse showing will still learn valuable lessons about how to handle horses confidently in a challenging, new environment such as a show. Activities will include mane and tail braiding, horse bathing, and course design. If experience allows, riders may opt for jumping lessons with resident trainers Cj Wagoner or Ali Graves Kish (lessons up to twice a day!) and/or a weekend schooling show held at the ranch (additional fees would apply for second daily lesson and/or horse show).

    2. Camp 2 B: June 15 – 19 – Leadership Camp (9-4 M-F, $425) — This camp is for participants 11 and up who love horses and want to learn how to be a respectful, effective leader for humans and horses. Based upon experience and preference, participants will have the choice to ride with Liz or another GRR instructor for their daily riding lessons. This is a great camp for anyone wanting to volunteer with us throughout the summer. This camp runs in tandem with the Advanced / Hunter Jumper camp but is also open to participants 11 and up who have a basic comfort level and some experience around horses.

    3. Camp 3 – June 29 – July 3 - "Cari's Camp" (9-4 M-F, $425) - FULL

    4. Camp 4 – July 13 – 17 - Standard Horse Lovers' Camp (9-4 M-F, $425) - Our basic camp for horse lovers, this is a great introductory camp for those new to riding or new to our ranch. Returning campers can always learn—and share—a lot!

    Our basic camp includes: 5 riding lessons plus a range of afternoon activities, including bareback riding, ground work with horses, herd observation, and more; education about equine feeding, first aid, fun barn chores, and knowledge of horse parts, colors, and breeds; and a fun, casual horse show—a demonstration of what the campers have learned—from 3-4 Friday afternoon.

    5. Camp 5 – July 27 – 31 Horse Buddy Leadership Camp (9-4 M-F, $425/$375) - This camp is like our Standard Horse Lovers' Camp but we have two tracks—one, (5A), for younger campers who may need a little support catching, grooming and tacking their horses. And a second track (5B) for those who are able to independently catch, groom, and tack their horse. Those in the second track receive a $50 discount and commit to helping the younger campers during their lessons, which, as always, are taught by our PATH-certified instructor. Through this pairing of younger and older participants, campers are able to practice ways of being confident, kind leaders. Open to all but perfect for siblings or friends of different ages.

    6. Camp 6 - August 10 - 14 - Standard Horse Lovers' Camp (9-4 M-F, $425) - See description for camp #4

    More details about the 2015 Summer Season at Good Reception Ranch:

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