Mastering Connections: An Ongoing Weekly Support Group for Adults

Trin loving Ariel2.jpg

Horses are master-connectors and they can help guide us to open up barriers in some areas and strengthen boundaries in other places to help us better master the art of relationship.

Each two-hour group will provide roughly one hour for process work (sharing, reflection, feedback from other group members) and one hour for activities with the horses to help support us in our various roles as mothers, lovers, coworkers, and friends. Experiences with the horses will help increase our capacity to quiet our minds, expand our hearts, and be more present in the moment.

Activities with other participants and the horses will allow us to practice the following skills:

-developing our ability to connect with ourselves and others,
-creating greater awareness of space and boundaries and how this can positively effect ourselves and others,
-modulating our energy as needed in the moment,
-becoming clearer in our intent and more direct in our requests,
-developing greater compassion and empathy toward ourselves and others.

Facilitator Mica Graves

Tuesday evenings beginning October 2014

5:30-7:30 pm (dates and times may be adjusted to meet participant needs)

Rain or shine at our indoor facilities at Good Reception Ranch

$40/class drop in rate or $120 monthly rate ($40 savings/month)

Horseback riding lessons in Colorado