Back to School

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When I worked as a school counselor in a Denver public school, we expected to be especially busy at certain times of the year. The beginning of the year is an especially stressful time for kids who are transitioning from the freedom of summer to the unknown of a new year and a new grade. For many kids, this stressful period climaxes around the time of Halloween each fall.

Many kids can benefit from extra support during this period. Visiting the barn reminds people that there is a place where it doesn't matter how they look or dress or if they have the latest i phone. Having a person to talk to in a non-judgmental environment gives kids a chance to let down their guard and be themselves, even as they are working hard to present themselves and to fit into the "right" groups at school. Kids feel empowered to chose the horse they want to build a relationship with and they are reminded that they can reach out through curiosity, affection and humor to create a bond with another being.

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