Securely Attached & Happy in the Herd: A Workshop with Horses to Improve Your Connections with Others

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Weekend Workshop for Adults - November 2014

An exploration of how we make and break connection

Join two therapists, a group of curious adults, and a herd of horses as we explore some of our earliest relationship dynamics and how they impact the way we do relationship today.

Attachment is a hot-button topic in the field of psychology right now and rightfully so. It isn’t just about mom as the standard therapy joke goes, but it is about how our first experiences in the world lead us to form beliefs about how the world works and how we fit into it. Our nervous system responds and shapes itself to that early world, even as we are establishing patterns of seeking or avoiding contact with others.

When we move to connect with other humans or even horses, we often unknowingly approach them with expectations and behaviors learned very early on in our development.

Like horses, one of our greatest fears is rejection from the group and we protect ourselves from that fear in many ways. We may avoid or undermine intimacy in subtle ways, even though it is what we genuinely want.

The good news is that while these protective strategies may have helped us survive childhood, they may no longer be necessary.

Through gentle understanding of our patterns and creative practice with open-minded partners, we can learn to strengthen the behaviors that help us become more securely attached and assured in relationship. This in turn helps us be more capable of sustaining and nurturing loving connections with ourselves, our children, friends, co-workers, and romantic partners.

This workshop will provide us with many opportunities to better understand our approach to relationships through experiential learning with other group members and our herd of horses. Fun, creative activities with the horses will provide opportunities to try on new approaches to connecting with others.

Facilitators Laura Campbell, MA, SEP, and Mica Graves, MA, LPC

Saturday, November 1st, 1-6 pm and Sunday, November 2nd, 1-6

Optional horse handling clinic from 9:39-11:30 am on Sunday with Liz Polanco

Snacks and drinks provided

Held rain or shine at our indoor and outdoor facilities at Good Reception Ranch

$195 paid in advance (please see pricing page for link to online payment)

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