A camp reunion

Alli and Buffy.jpg

Our June 2013 camps saw a mix of new and returning campers. There was one special reunion that happened on the first day of our tween camp. Beautiful Buffy, a 28-year old retired broodmare, spotted a young girl who had ridden her two years prior. As soon as Buffy laid eyes on Alli standing in a group of about a dozen people, the mare crossed the paddock and placed her nose on the girl's chest. The mare then proceeded to follow Alli wherever she went.

People always ask me if horses remember people, and this seemed to me to be a sure sign of that. Alli has a warm, open heart and made a connection with Buffy that the horse hasn't forgotten.

To see more pictures of camp, including a few shots of our teen campers at a horse show in Greeley, check out the Big Horse Therapy and Learning Center Facebook page. You don't need an account to see these cute photos. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.625579927452103.1073741828.557...

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