Horse Leader Mentoring Program for Tweens and Teens

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Summer 2015

This summer our horse leadership program will run in tandem with our camps for younger riders. Horse Leaders will be required to volunteer up to 2 hours in classes with younger riders and will also have a chance to participate themselves. Horse Leaders who choose to participate as a rider will receive a discount from the regular camp rate. Stipends may be available for those who choose not to ride.

We take the prospect of teaching young people how to interact with horses very seriously, so we never put our horse leaders in charge, but we do call on them to share their gifts with our younger campers:

What do our horse mentors bring?

-a sense of humor and play
-a love of horses
-an ability to coach and encourage younger people through challenges
-an ability to understand and include different people
-relative strength and size -- it's easier to halter and saddle a horse if you're taller!
-knowledge and skill acquired working with horses

Benefits include:

-5 riding lessons each week
-skill building for leading and handling horses
-support for coaching young people
-positive and helpful feedback on work as a Horse Leader
-team building, group discussion, and support for conflict resolution amongst peers

Horse Leaders must be/posses the following:

-Positive, can-do attitude
-Reliable and timely
-Interest and ability to connect with young people
-Model good behavior
-Respect for all people and animals (include others)
-Willingness to resolve conflicts openly and directly (no gossiping)
-Physically fit - must walk up to one hour at a time in sand arena in the summertime (hats, sunscreen, and water bottles a must!)
-Able to safely catch, halter, lead, and tack a horse independently (sign up for a private session if help is needed)
-Offer fun encouragement, direction, and praise to riders
-Complete simple evaluations of own work as a Horse Leader
-Willing to respond to constructive criticism to be the best Horse Leader and mentor possible

If you or your child is interested in this program, please contact Mica to stay posted as more details are available.

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