At Home with Horses: A Workshop for Adults Fall 2017

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Whether you're riding them, feeding them, or just watching them, do horses help you feel better?

Horses in particular have an amazing ability to pull us into the present moment--helping us settle our anxious minds and tap into the sensations in our bodies. And perhaps because we sense they don’t judge us, they also help us feel and act from our hearts.

Over the years I’ve talked with many people who believe that horses help them get in contact with an essential part of themselves, sometimes with a part that has been hiding for many years, but that longs to be seen and welcomed. So when we enter into horsetime, it can feel like coming home to a place where we have always belonged.

And yet, even at the ranch, old patterns can catch up with us...

We might judge ourselves for not having mastered something already or berate our bodies for not performing as well as we’d like. Or we might feel relaxed during certain situations with the horse, only to feel our anxiety rise as we shift into another type of activity.

During this workshop, we will be honest with each other about what we love about horsetime as well as the challenges we face when we come into contact with ourselves through this connection with the horse. Liz and Mica will facilitate a number of activities that will support you in finding true relaxation, acceptance and ease with the horses. Activities will be on the ground and on horseback. All levels of horse experience welcome. We will provide a nourishing lunch on Saturday.

Friday, October 20th, 6:30-8:30pm and Saturday, October 21st, 10am-5pm, lunch provided
$150 ($125 early bird; take another $25 off if you also sign up for the September workshop)
To register, please visit
Use Code Minus25 to take $25 off when registering for 2 workshops.

Mica is an advanced-certified therapeutic riding instructor and licensed mental health counselor. She harnesses her connection with horses and her understanding of healthy minds to help people reach their full potential. Liz Polanco is a certified riding instructor at Good Reception Ranch. Adults and children alike love working with Liz because of her gentle and fun nature as well as her gift of intuition and animal communication. Mica and Liz have shared a love of horses and people since they first met at the Colorado Therapeutic Riding Center in 2004.

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