Strength and Vulnerability in Action: Practice Your Super-Power Moves with Horses

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Being aware in nature and with horses can help us become more present, centered, and observant of the multitude of sensory information constantly streaming though the world and our bodies. While the over stimulus of the modern world can make us at times hyper-reactive and tense and at times hypo-reactive or shutdown, being in nature can remind us that it is possible to feel at ease and at home in our bodies while tuning in to our extraordinary capacity to see, smell, taste, hear, touch, and feel.

Why is this important? Because much of our ability to truly know ourselves, to understand what stirs and moves us, to sense what is dangerous and should be avoided, and to know what will allow us to feel good and at ease in the world relies on our ability to tolerate and tune in to subtle cues in our bodies.

And allowing us to simply be in what some would call a more-natural state simply feels good and is rewarding: Nature blooms more fully before our eyes when we are present, open, and in a loving state; likewise, horses respond by becoming more engaged and connected to us when we show up in our fullness.

We will engage in activities that will connect us more deeply to ourselves and the inherent wisdom of our bodies, including the following:

    -blindfolded activities on the land,
    -grounding and centering exercises,
    -interactions with our big-hearted horse herd,
    -bareback riding, and more.

No horse experience necessary. Option to ride bareback with assistance. Helmets and other tack is provided.

A nourishing lunch and snacks are offered.

With facilitators Mica Graves (practices equine facilitated psychotherapy at Big Horse TLC), Liz Polanco (certified therapeutic riding instructor and animal communicator at Good Reception Ranch), and Mary Sweeney (instructor at Way of the Wild)

Friday, September 15th, 6:30-8:30pm, and Saturday, September 16th, 2017, 10am-5pm
$150 ($125 early bird; take another $25 off if you also sign up for the October workshop)

To register, please visit

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