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Last Ride to Your Source Retreat of Summer 8/8/10


Eight beautiful, strong women joined Calyn and I for a day of laughter, connection and sharing. We all left with a renewed sense of what powers our lives and how we can allow ourselves to shine even more with each day.

Girls' Friendship Horse Camps in June and August ~ Summer 2010

Bradie hugging Chloe2.jpg

Activities will include:

-Daily group riding lessons
-Additional riding exercises including bareback riding and lunge lessons
-Team-building exercises to help girls learn more about themselves and how they form friendships
-Buddy up with a horse - chose a horse to get to know better during the week and be responsible for his/her care
-Stable management - learn how to clean stalls and tack; how to recognize and treat common horse ailments; understand how to feed and supplement your horse or pony
-Horse training skills - lunging, round penning, horse handling
-Fun games and activities
-Optional: One afternoon of swimming at Erie Rec Center with extra parental supervision

Camps are open to Mica's current clients; new clients are asked to do a minimum of 2 private sessions before the start of camp.

Chose from two week-long camps - your daughter can come to one or both:
Dates: June 21-25, 2010
August 2-6, 2010
Times: Monday - Friday 9am - 4pm
Facilitators: Mica Graves, MA and Liz Polanco
Location: Good Reception Ranch, Erie, CO
Cost: $450

Bring lunch, snacks, and drinks. Long pants and closed-toed shoes or boots are required. Helmets are provided, but participants are welcome to bring their own approved riding helmets.

Ride to Your Source: A Trail Riding Retreat Sunday 6/20/10

Mountain Top

If you draw strength from nature, horses, and a community of supportive people, please join us for a nourishing one-day retreat at Joder Arabian Ranch. Straddling the foothills north of Boulder, this 350-acre ranch boasts a vibrant ecosystem of birds, plants, and animals. It is also home to Rocky Mountain Equi-Rhythm, whose wonderful and experienced horses will accompany us.

Mother-Daughter Day at the Ranch 5/16/10

Ali and Finny

Join us in May for our sixth in a series of Sunday workshops for children ages 9-13. This weekend is the last time we will be meeting for the spring, and, in honor of Mothers' Day, we are inviting mothers and daughters to attend. We will focus on the importance of relationship in human and horse families.

Trot On! Movement to Create Confidence and Strength 4/11/10


Join us in April for our fifth in a series of Sunday workshops for children ages 9-13. We will focus on the importance of movement and exercise to increase strength and confidence. Horses are strong, powerful creatures that need to move their bodies in order to play, stay safe, maintain strength, balance and stay healthy.

The Body Language of Leadership and Connection: An Equine Retreat for Adults 3/28/10

Eye to Eye 2

Are you looking for a way to express your power in a strong and loving way?

People often get bogged down in the use of words, but horses require us to speak with our bodies, hearts, and minds. They give us clear, tangible responses to the way we present ourselves in the world, thereby helping us identify and build on effective relationship skills.

Horse Play! Exploring Creativity 3/14/10

Molly and Mica

Join us in March for our forth in a series of Sunday workshops for children ages 9-13. We will focus on the importance of play and creativity. Horses are playful creatures that understand the need to run, create games and express themselves.

Walk On! Using Your Energy to Get the Job Done 2/7/10

Round Penning

In this workshop for children we will explore how using energy in a focused way allows people to successfully accomplish tasks. The horse is especially sensitive and responsive to this. Activities like round penning, lunging, and riding will allow participants to explore how they use their energy to influence the horse.

Winter Ranch Retreat for Women 2/28/10

Bareback Ride

Please join Calyn Acebes and I for a one-day equine retreat at Good Reception Ranch in Erie.

As attuned herd members, horses respond to and even reflect our own energy. They offer insight into our behavior and allow us the freedom to experiment with new ways of being-all in a loving and accepting environment.

Whoa Now! Being a Leader Using Energy and Voice 1/10/10


We will focus in on what it takes to be a leader with horses and people. We'll help your child explore what it means to have a strong sense of self while being part of a larger community; how to set up firm boundaries while maintaining heart-felt connections. Whether working with a 1,000 pound animal, a cherished friend, or a bully at school, these are necessary skills for kids navigating today's world.

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